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Special Virtual Series Details Program Testimonies
This is what people are saying:

“Mabel, it has been 8 days now that  very early in the morning my husband and I listen to you and we start the day reading together and also at nights we practice the meditation before go to sleep. It´s really helping us to be more connected not only as couple but individually also to grow spiritually. We are getting some tools that are helping us. Thank you, thank you, and thank you, for this opportunity to change. All of our friends are seeing the changes too! I want to tell you also that It´s five years now we are together and we always wanted to pray as one to be more connected and never made it. It looks like that the moment of awakening is now and this way be able to grow spiritually.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you! I´m looking forward to seeing you in Argentina!”


~ Argentina

Thank you, Mabel! I am enjoying your 40-day walk in the desert! The WATER OF LIFE!

~ Donna, WA, USA

Dear Mabel, I love the 40 day program!!! Love the meditations and love hearing your voice.
Thank you thank you thank you I love you love love love

~ Daphna, Israel

Dear Mabel, I love the 40 days/nights series. Every time you surprise me with your originality. I am looking forward to your new book Zero Frequency. Love, POI

~Claire, Netherlands

I am enjoying the program a lot. No matter how many times I hear the information, it always feels different and I get something new out of it. The songs to the Inner Child are very moving, and I weep before each one ends. I listen to both songs every day, numerous times. I keep on cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Thank you. I Love You.

I wish you the Peace of I,

~James, California, USA

I am part of the 40 days and night program. It is wonderful! It is amazing how much more there is to tell about Hooponopono, and even more amazing how every time you listen you hear the same but it always sounds different and not the same! It is very helpful and I do not want it to stop! Love,

~Yael, Israel

As I continue with the 40 days/nights program, I discover much more of me, the real me. I am finding, in special moments, that I am much more (I am Infinite/Perfect) than I thought I was. And I am much less (Zero/Perfect, minus the data from memories).

Which, when I combine Zero and Infinite, I feel and sense Freedom.

~Daniel, Texas, USA

Dear Mabel,

I spent an unconventional day cleaning full-time, instead of my other job, called "grading," while cleaning moment to moment on whatever came up.

During my meditation, I was reminded that I was 3/4 done with my "walk in the desert." Divinity let me know He allowed me this opportunity to reflect and allow difficult, challenging situations to come up for cleaning, so I could have the opportunity to LET GO at a deeper level!

As I was writing my post this morning, I was distraught, yet excited, that these memories were ready to be released at even a HIGHER LEVEL. After all, I have cleansed intensely the past five years on "communication/feelings" situations, especially as related to family and marriage.

Divinity allowed my child and I to jump aboard His offered Hands, and He said he'd cradle us this day.

I AM GRATEFUL! THANK YOU! This forum and your inspirational teachings have made all the difference. I struggle with LET GO AND LET GOD! I do my best! With your daily inspirations and your Ice Blue Forum, You have truly made a difference in My Life!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

~Donna-Lynn, USA

Gracias Mabel ! Dios te bendiga, estoy muy agradecida de haberte conocido y debo darle las gracias tambien a mi amiga Cristina que no pudo tomar tus seminarios y me mando a mi y asi te conoci.

Realmente no hace tanto que trabajo mas concientemente con Ho'oponopono y los resultados se notan, sobre todo despues de hacer los 40 dias y 40 noches, ni bien los empece deje de fumar, si bien no fumaba mucho y ya habia dejado de fumar varias veces, fue raro no sentir mas ganas, o sea fue sin voluntad, deje y listo!

Tambien despues de mucho tiempo volvi a hacer dieta sin cortarla al 3º dia, y sigo y tambien noto que es distinto la forma en que la llevo a cabo, y nose bien como es que funciona, ni me parece que sea importante, porque se, que no es desde la mente.

Ademas recupere el entusiasmo por varias cosas que hacia, hacer ejercicio y disfrutarlo! dar clases de yoga, y mas entusiasmo por mi trabajo en genereal, aunque estoy muy ansiosa por descubrir mis verdaderos talentos, todavia no lo tengo muy claro, pero vere en el seminario de Zero Frecuency.

Tambien me funciona mucho, y lo pude hacer facilmente, el estar en silencio lo que mas puedo y poder apagar el televisor! maravilloso!

Tambien queria agradecer mucho la ayuda que brinda el foro, si bien no puedo conectarme todo lo frecuente que quisiera, cada vez que lo hago es una gran ayuda. Y mil gracias al support /Mirta!

Espero verte el 29/6 y poder seguir limpiando, garcias por esta gran oportunidad, te quiero, Paz, Silvina/Alethea

~Silvina, Argentina

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